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Admin Panel
GUI Client!

Explore your firestore data and auth users from an elegant GUI.

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firebase admin panel gui

Query on your Firestore Data

Query your firestore data using UI filters and view data in a table


Select the columns you want

FirebaseToolbox let's you choose the fields that you want to see in the table.


Edit & delete your firestore data with ease

Modify documents from an easy to use editor. FirebaseToolbox lets you modify objects at any depth.


Filter data and save filters

Use the UI filters to query firestore and save them for one click access for future.


Query, Create & Update Firebase Auth users

Filter users using full text search of email and phone number unlike firebase where you have to enter the full email, phone or uid

Filter users by their disabled status, creation time and last sign in time.

Bulk edit a user's disabled and verified status and bulk delete users.

FirebaseToolbox is a Firebase admin panel GUI.

Firebasetoolbox helps you query, filter and save your firestore and firebase auth queries for quick access.