FirebaseToolbox is a desktop app that you will install in your machine. The UI is a web app that you can access from FirebaseToolbox. The desktop app is the server. This way your service account credentials never leave your machine. It's not saved in any of our servers.

firebasetoolbox mac download
firebasetoolbox linux download
firebasetoolbox linux download

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the appropriate package based on your OS.
  2. Extract the package.
  3. The extracted zip will contain a directory named dist. Change directory to dist.
  4. Run ./ for linux and Mac
  5. Double click on installfile for Windows
  6. After installation, you should see that firebasetoolbox is running.
  7. Now go to to start using firebasetoolbox.


  • firebasetoolbox start will start the firebasetoolbox server.
  • firebasetoolbox stop will stop the firebasetoolbox server.
  • firebasetoolbox-upgrade will upgrade the installed firebasetoolbox package on mac/linux.
  • firebasetoolbox list will list the running firebasetoolbox processes.